The rose has always been considered a classic and sweet gift. Because roses are such enduring representations of, it’s no surprise that they’re are amongst the most esteemed gifts of all-time. Of course these days, there are so many color variations for roses, so how does one choose the right color? You can’t go wrong with red as it’s the original and most popular but you could choose another color to show your exclusivity.

Yellow roses are great for sending joyful messages, because they are a symbol of friendship. The warmness represents delight and happiness. Yellow roses are just great gifts to say, “Thanks”, “Get better”, or simply just “Thinking of you”.

Red roses of course mean romance and love. It’s one of the all-time favourite and classic gifts. Feelings of admiration and appreciation are expressed so well with roses. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more appropraite and all-round appreciated present.

The white rose has long been considered perfect for weddings. They are the traditional wedding flower and bridal rose, for their color signifies purity. White roses are also connected with reverence and quietness, so they are appropriate for memorials.

For good health and an abundant life, our green roses are perfect. Green roses are a traditional rose for health, growth and for wishing success in life and business.

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