Traditional anniversary gifts

All anniversaries are worth celebrating and each anniversary year is associated with traditional presents. As each year or decade passes, traditionally we like to celebrate the good times by giving back to the family and friends we cherish.

When commemorating such occasions, distinct gifts are always valued more, because they’re the ones that are remembered. Anyone can give a tie or a pair of socks or even chocolates but why not give something that stands alone and will stand the test of time?
Traditionally, 1st Wedding Anniversary gifts are made from paper. Paper is symbolic of new relationships and how they are still fragile. Memories can be written from this point on.

The 2nd Wedding Anniversary is celebrated with the gift of cotton. Even though the relationship is still new, it’s flexible and fresh.
The gift of fine China symbolises a 20th wedding anniversary. The symbolism here is that like the place, fine China also is fragile and special. It means that you need to always take care of each. You should look back and then look forward to your lifetime together.
Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary is a very valuable event because a quarter of a century is indeed a long time. In medieval times, silver was given to women as a gift when they reached that landmark. Silver is also a precious metal, classic and timeless. Silver will never go out of fashion.

If you have spent half a century together, you certainly have come a long way. Gold has always been the traditional anniversary gift that is connected with 50th wedding anniversaries. It shows wisdom, knowledge and strength, also while showing caring and understanding. Visit when you want to make an impression that really counts.

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