Infinity Rose Terms and Conditions


When customers use the Infinity Rose website, they agree to the terms and conditions below.

Infinity Rose does its very best to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, however, some mistakes make occur from time-to-time.

Infinity Rose cannot be held accountable for such innacuracies but will do their utmost to rectify any problems that arise for customers.

By using the Infinity Rose website, customers acknowledge that Infinity Rose will not be held liable for any harm or damage as a result of any innacuracies on the website.

Infinity Rose has the right to change parts of the website without notice.

Orders for products placed by customers on the website are subject to acceptance by Infinity Rose.

Infinity Rose products will not be shipped to the customer unless payment has been made in full to Infinity Rose.

Infinity Rose will honour all legitimate warranty claims as a result of faulty workmanship or design, however, Infinity Rose will not be responsible for any physical injury, damage, or financial difficulty or failure as a result of the supply or use of any Infinity Rose products.

Infinity Rose will process orders for customers the same day or next business day, however, we cannot guarantee delivery on the same day as orders are placed as there are too many variables in the shipping process. Orders will not be processed on weekends or public holidays.


Shipping times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed by Infinity Rose. Also Infinity Rose will not be liable for delays, loss or damage to any Infinity Rose products.

Declined shipments or unclaimed products is the responsibility of customers. Customers must make sure that a person is on hand to accept the delivery at the address on the order, or couriers may leave a card in lieu of the package asking for customers to organise a re-delivery.


Order information will be emailed to a customer at the email address which was supplied when the customer placed the order.

The status of orders can also be seen once customers log into their account on the Infinity Rose website.

Warranty and Returns

Infinity Rose will not accept the return of a product that has been damaged by the customer. Customers uphold the cost of return deliveries.

Customers should never attempt to test the strength of the rose by bending it or attempt to test the integrity of the precious metal surface by scratching it, as this could cause damage which would not be covered under the Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Infinity Rose must be informed of any incorrect deliveries within 7 days of the receipt of the incorrect product, prior to the return of that product.

All of our rose products contain some artificial elements for structural purposes.

Gold plated roses from Infinity Rose have the highest gold purity on the market, ranging from between 22 and 24 karat.  Infinity Rose has conducted extensive testing to prove the purity of our gold.

At Infinity Rose we try to prioritise the replacements of our products, however during extremely busy periods like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, we can experiences shortages in stock. Infinity Rose cannot be held accountable for product shortages during these times.

Customers cannot claim the Infinity Rose Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee if damage to one of our products is the result of an accident, misuse or acts of nature.

If customers receive an Infinity Rose product that has been damaged during shipping by a freight company, customers must contact Infinity Rose within 2 days of receiving the product.

Insurance to cover customers for damaged products is available from this website. In the unlikely event that a customer received a damaged product, Infinity Rose would make a claim on their behalf.

Back Orders

On rare occasions, shipping delays and inventory errors can take place causing delays in customers orders. In these rare instances refunds can be given to customers if required.

Cancellation of Orders

Cancellations can be requested only an order has not been processed and shipped. For cancellations please email

If a cancellation is approved, please allow 2 days for refunds.


Infinity Rose seeks potential customers to make offers in order to purchase Infinity Rose products on this website, however, Infinity Rose and customers do not participate in a purchase contract.

Stock amounts listed on the Infinity Rose website are a close indication of availability and are not an exact amount of stock.

Infinity Rose does its very best to ensure correct pricing information is detailed on this website, however, Infinity Rose cannot guarantee that all pricing on this website will be completely accurate all of the time.

If a price on this website is incorrect, Infinity Rose reserves the right to cancel an order and amend any errors listed.

Prices listed on this website can be changed at any time without notice.

Internet and Payment Security

Infinity Rose uses Trustwave for commerce and information security.


The personal information that is entered by customers on our website is kept secure by us and is only ever used for the ordering, sales and shipping processes and for any correspondence between us and customers.

In providing these services to customers, the information we typically collect would be name, email address, shipping address and payment information.

We believe that when customers correspond with us, that is a correspondence between customers and us and no one else. Infinity Rose will never sell or give the personal information of customers to a third party.

Product Images

Infinity Rose does it’s best to ensure that the images of products on our website are a true, correct representation of the final product. However, as roses are a natural creation, there will always be some distinction between the images of the roses and the actual, physical, final rose products. The exact shape and length of the products will vary slightly.

Infinity Rose will not be held accountable for dintinctions between the product image on this website and the final, actual products delivered.

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